Baby Fashion Spring/Summer 2014 at I Dream Elephants

Many brands make wonderful collections of baby clothes season after season for the fashion conscious parent.  Alongside high-street brands there are a lot of special boutique retailers out there, like I Dream Elephants, who stock fab-fashion for babies, usually sourcing from continental brands.  Here are a few special pieces for trendy parents to watch out for this spring and summer season.

With winters appearing to move further and further back into the depths of the calendar, we find winter-wear increasingly included within all fashion collections geared towards this time of year.  Baby fashion is no different and you can find warm wear included for the first part of the season.  After all it’s not unusual to find snow in March and April showers in June these days.  I Dream Elephants has a great selection to choose from.


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First up we have a pair of ‘One Fine Stripe Baby Tights’.  These great little leggings are perfect for a little girl and work well with a dress or as an extra layer for colder times.  The Brand behind these beauties, No Added Sugar, is a distinctly British brand who obviously knows a thing or two about children’s fashion!


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Next we have the perfect winter accessory for your baby in the form of Panda mittens!  These fun fancies are made by Swedish brand Mini Rodini and come in either a bold yellow or grey.  Each mitten features a smart-looking Panda, one with a top hat and the other a bow-tie.

These are just two of the fab products available at I Dream Elephants this season.  Shop there for for these, and many more interesting and fashionable boutique brands.

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