How To Entertain A Baby


Babies of all ages love to be entertained and there is no greater sound than the happy gurgles or joyous cry of a laughing little one. However, it can be a challenge to think up new ways to entertain babies, especially newborns, which is why we have listed some suggestions for you to try.

Read a book

Even a very young baby enjoys listening to you reading a book, as he hears your voice. Reading out loud also helps to develop the language part of your baby’s brain, so it’s educational as well as fun for you both.

Watch a mirror

When your baby first spies himself in the mirror, he will likely be transfixed. Babies enjoy looking at themselves and you could pull some funny faces to make him laugh as well.

Take a class

There are so many classes designed for babies, you really are spoilt for choice. From yoga to swimming, massage to nursery rhymes, your baby will enjoy the different activities and noises. In particular, listening to a story or singing rhymes at a local venue can be good for young babies, while more interactive classes can capture your baby’s attention when they’re a bit older.

Transform mundane chores

Some days you just need to get things done, so why not make them fun for your baby in the process? You could pop him in his papoose or baby carrier while you hoover, for example, or position his bouncer in front of the washing machine when it’s on so he can watch the swirl of water and colours for a few minutes.

Go for a walk

Regardless of your baby’s age, walking is a great way to entertain him. Whether he’s looking up at the sky and trees or actively watching what’s going on from his pushchair, a walk occupies his mind – and the fresh air is good for him too.

Massage your baby

Baby massage is a great experience for you both and can help your baby if he’s suffering from trapped wind, colic or teething. Massage provides a good distraction and helps your baby to calm down. Simply undress him and place him on a towel, then gently rub some olive or baby oil onto him, using circular motions.

Go to a playgroup

From being only a few weeks old, babies enjoy something new and seeing new faces, so baby groups can be good for that. And the older they get, the more they tend to get from them.

Play with toys

Sometimes your baby will love lying on his back in his baby gym and playing with the dangling toys, or listening to different tunes and noises that his toys and rattles make. When they’re very young, you’ll need to play with them but as they get older they’ll learn to entertain themselves using their toys.


Don’t forget to set some time aside for relaxation. Your baby will become over stimulated if he does too much, and it’s a good idea to have at least one day off a week for some quiet time so he doesn’t get too worn out by all the activities.


Article by Caroline Dalzell who currently writes on behalf of Baby Pages

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