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In recent years, there have been some incredible children’s clothing brands hailing from mainland Europe. Many of these brands have come from Denmark, Holland and France. However, there has been a real resurgence in UK children’s clothing brands, and London is home to many of these innovative new designer lines. Here are some of the most notable kids clothing brands that have come out of Britain’s capital.


The line of clothing from Gravel+Grass is notable for the design elements that don’t stand out. That is to say, there is a simplicity to the range of girl’s clothing that is really different to a lot of childrenswear out there. Designed for girls aged between 2 and 10, the line is made up of traditional styles with a minimalist touch. Pale greys mix with delightful pastels to create a look of serenity, even if your child isn’t exactly that peaceful! This London based brand has really managed to create a line of dresses and knitwear that is a little different from the rest.


Miller has been running since 2010, but has already drawn quite a popular customer base in those years. Coming from the respected fashion brand Elias & Grace, Miller is a high end range for newborn to 10 years old. The result is a collection of quite preppy styles, which are in keeping with sporty, yet casual, idea. With lines being stocked in London’s famous Liberty department store (If you’re not familiar check it out here!), and celebrity mums and dads buying these gorgeous clothes for their kids, it looks like Miller is going from strength to strength.

Stella McCartney Kids

Made for children aged from 0 to 14, Stella McCartney Kids is a bright and vibrant collection of children’
s wear that’s bursting with colour. The most obvious thing about the range is how the clothing has been designed around colour and shapes. Made from 100% organic cotton, the range is also has a strong ethical basis, which has always been important to the designer. Another thing to note is that while the Stella McCartney Kids line might appear more expensive than its high street counterparts, it’s surprisingly affordable compared to other premium designer children’s lines.

Darcy Brown

The pretty clothes from Darcy Brown are bursting with fresh motifs and cute designs. The brand has brought together some wonderful looks that really go with the idea of children being children. The Darcy Brown collection is notable for not being all about brand logos, but other embellishments such as nautical themed elements and pretty polka dots.

Beau Loves

There’s a real sense of adventure about the Beau Loves range (you can see this range online here). Undeniably quirky with a cheeky sense of humour, the brand really does bring a breath of fresh air. What’s particularly fun about this season’s collections is its mix of wearable attire and fancy dress costume. It really brings together the fun of growing up with clothing that is easy to wash. Throughout the range you’ll find items that are reminiscent of superheroes and other exciting designs for boys and girls. It’s no wonder the items from Beau Loves range become the most popular pieces in the wardrobe.

Peter Shorney is a keen writer with an interest in British fashion

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