Funky Pyjamas for Kids


Great style from Hatley

Sometimes persuading your kids to go to bed can be a difficult task. Even getting them into their bed clothes can be a mission. Your life can be made somewhat easier if your kids actually want to get changed because they love wearing their pyjamas. Let’s face it they are not going to fall in love with boring run of the mill garments in muted shades. What kids want is bright, fun and funky and so that is what you should look for!



If your kids are fans of a particular football club this could be your solution. Most major teams have clothing ranges which include kid’s pyjamas and fans of the clubs like nothing better than running around with the team on their chest (including the adults). Failing that whoever your kid’s heroes are do check to see if you can get something with their picture on it.


Many children love animals and so this could be another fruitful ploy. Find pyjamas with cute and cuddly critters on and you may have a winner. Next have some cute PJ’s featuring dogs and elephants and the Hatley range have horses, butterflies, birds and dogs. some Pyjamas also feature styles with sharks and lizards (yuk) if your kids prefer scary over cute.

Bright Colours

Maybe it is more the colour rather than the motif which your kids enjoy. If this is the case seek out their favourite colours or garments which match their rooms. Better still go for both colour and design with striking pieces from Hatley, Bananas in Pyjamas or Hello Kitty styles at M&S.


You simply can’t beat Disney when you are trying to please your kids. Disney merchandise includes an excellent range of kid’s pyjamas featuring their favourite characters. Everything from Minnie Mouse to Cars is available with great styling and excellent quality.

Super Heroes

What could be better for all action kids than all action heroes? All the big cartoon favourites are available from the major high street stores like M&S, Next, BHS and Asda. Batman, Superman and Spiderman may not engender peace but they might at least get the kids into their pyjamas. Half the battle won, you just have to go on to win the war.

The Choice

It is best to let the kids choose what they want themselves from the ranges within your budget. Kids being kids if you pick the style yourself you are bound to get it wrong! Let them choose and then you at least have a fighting chance of a good outcome. Make sure you are looking at clothes which will stand up to the rigours of your children too. If you hit on a winning style you want them to last!


Article by Sally Stacey

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