Tips On Baby Feeding

Your baby is the most precious and vulnerable person in your life right now, and it is important that you get the care for this fragile little human being absolutely right. This means listening to and reading experts and their opinions. It also means taking things with a common sense approach. Whilst there is plenty to learn, some things are just simple and clear. Continue reading

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Buying the Right Mattress for your Baby


It is hard to exaggerate just how important it is that you buy the very best mattress for your baby. The baby deserves the best support for their fragile back and head. Having the best mattress possible makes this a reality. In this article we will look at some of the key aspects that surround buying a mattress for your baby. Along with the pointers in this article, It is important to emphasise that it’s a good idea to take the time to look for a good mattress, if only for the safety reasons involved and the comfort of your child. Continue reading

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Joules Clothing

Joules Clothing is now a multi-million pound internationally known clothing brand with its own distinctive style. It is hard to believe that this empire was founded on something as simple and functional as Wellington boots but that is exactly what happened. Continue reading

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Top Parenting Annoyances


Don’t get me wrong, being a parent is one of the best experiences anyone can ever have, but there is no denying that having a baby changes your life completely. Most of parenting is a joy, but there are certain less enjoyable aspects which any new parent will identify with. Continue reading

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Kids Fashion From the Capital


In recent years, there have been some incredible children’s clothing brands hailing from mainland Europe. Many of these brands have come from Denmark, Holland and France. However, there has been a real resurgence in UK children’s clothing brands, and London is home to many of these innovative new designer lines. Here are some of the most notable kids clothing brands that have come out of Britain’s capital. Continue reading

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Funky Pyjamas for Kids


Great style from Hatley

Sometimes persuading your kids to go to bed can be a difficult task. Even getting them into their bed clothes can be a mission. Your life can be made somewhat easier if your kids actually want to get changed because they love wearing their pyjamas. Let’s face it they are not going to fall in love with boring run of the mill garments in muted shades. What kids want is bright, fun and funky and so that is what you should look for! Continue reading

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What is the Perfect Yarn for Baby Clothes?

777px-Yarn_assortment (1)

Knitting has seen a large upsurge in popularity in recent years with a surprising number of young people taking up the craft. Many knitters are fashioning gorgeous and unique baby clothes as an alternative to high street offerings but many such garments are made using acrylic yarns which are machine washable and inexpensive. There is no arguing with the convenience and economics of these yarns but there are some significant benefits to using wool which should be considered before rushing for the man-made fibres. Continue reading

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How To Entertain A Baby


Babies of all ages love to be entertained and there is no greater sound than the happy gurgles or joyous cry of a laughing little one. However, it can be a challenge to think up new ways to entertain babies, especially newborns, which is why we have listed some suggestions for you to try.

Read a book

Even a very young baby enjoys listening to you reading a book, as he hears your voice. Reading out loud also helps to develop the language part of your baby’s brain, so it’s educational as well as fun for you both. Continue reading

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Clone Kids

Take a look around any playground or soft play area, and you’d think we were breeding a nation of clone kids. The choice of clothing brands for kids has grown hugely over recent years, with supermarkets and adult clothing brands dipping into the children’s sector too. Despite the fact that we have more choice about where to buy our clothes, there seems to be precious little in the way of quirky and innovative design on the high street. As a parent of both boys and a girl, I am fed up with the only options for my boys being camouflage trousers and cartoon character t-shirts, and not every little girl wants to be head to toe in pink or Hello Kitty. Parents have to put in quite a lot of effort if they don’t want their child to join the kid clone army.

Make It Yourself

It’s not an option for everyone, but the success of shows like The Great British Sewing Bee has sent people to dressmaking shops in their droves. Once you’ve mastered the basics, it’s not that difficult to make simple garments like dresses, skirts or shorts, and you have the freedom to use whatever fabric you like. Making your own clothing guarantees that your child will have something completely unique and individual, and made to measure as well.

Dyeing and Customising

If dressmaking doesn’t appeal, there are other ways of taking simple shop bought items and giving them an individual tweak. One wet weekend a few months ago my kids had great fun with plain white shirts and t-shirts when we got out the buckets, pieces of string and some cold water dye. Tie dye is fashionable at the moment and it’s easy to create stripes, circles and various other funky finishes on cotton garments. It’s also easy to customise dresses or blouses by adding trimming like ribbon or using various other little items like patches or buttons available from all haberdashery shops. You don’t even need to be good at sewing, just invest in some glue which is designed to resist machine washing.


With the best will in the world, most of us just don’t have the time or the inclination to make all of our kids’ clothes from scratch. A certain amount of high street spending is needed, but the key to getting an individual look is to steer clear of the mass market retailers and look for the little boutique or independent brands like Indikidual (you can see their collections online here)which specialise in producing something just a bit different. At first glance, buying clothes from a brand may seem more expensive when compared with supermarket and fast fashion chains, but you are getting a quality item which is made to a far higher standard and will stand repeated wearing and washing. Most of these sorts of items can be handed down to other children in the future, or can be sold on auction sites to other parents who recognise good quality items. You can still pick up the odd quirky item in the main high street stores, but be prepared to search through the mass of clone clothes first.

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Knowing Your Yarn

In the olden days, knitters had a very limited choice when it came to what yarn to use for their projects. Here in the UK, where we have an abundance of sheep, pure wool was really the only choice. Wool has many advantages when it comes to knitting as it is hard wearing, warm and breathable, but it is also difficult to launder and can be quite scratchy on the skin. Luckily, the choice of different yarns has grown considerably and even though many knitters still refer to everything as “wool”, there are many other blends or options for knitting with.


The major advantage of acrylic is that it is cheap. Acrylic is a man-made fibre and it can be made far more cheaply than natural fibres such as wool or cotton. However, acrylic can sometimes stretch out of shape quickly and many experienced knitters do not like the finish they get while knitting with acrylic yarn. It’s a good choice for baby clothes though as it will stand up to repeated washing. More expensive yarns are often blended with some acrylic in it to give it some of the hard wearing properties yet keep the feel of a more expensive yarn.


Cotton is an ideal choice for lightweight, summer knits and it can be dyed into a huge range of colours. Cotton isn’t as stretchy as other fibres though and can be awkward to knit with, depending on the sort of project which is being attempted. It can be easily washed and laundered though and this makes it a good choice for baby and children’s clothing. All major yarn brands have their range of yarns which contain at least a percentage of cotton.


One of the newer types of yarns on the market is made from alpaca fleece, either imported or reared here in the UK. Alpaca is very soft to the touch and is more suitable for people who have allergies to wool. Artesano 4 ply is one of the best known alpaca yarn brands in the UK and is widely available in stores and online. Artesano 4 ply comes in a range of great colours and shades which makes it suitable for both adult and baby clothing. The structure of the alpaca fibre is different from that of traditional lamb’s wool, which means that garments made with yarn containing alpaca can be up to 60% warmer than garments made with pure wool.


It’s unusual to find yarn which is 100% silk for knitting with, but many brands add silk fibres into their yarns as it gives the finished product a delicate sheen. Combining silk with merino wool, alpaca or even cotton makes a sturdy and long-lasting yarn which can be used for a variety of clothing and soft furnishing projects. Bamboo and silk is another popular yarn combination, and it is used by crochet fanatics as well as knitters as it produces a fabric which drapes well, making it great for using in shawls or clothing such as cardigans.

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